Buy & Download Cab Grid Pro Taxi Booking Management Add-On

Taxi Booking Wordpress PluginCab Grid Bookings is available to buy and download now*. Please enter your license info below...

Cab Grid Bookings provides additional functionality to the main Cab Grid Pro price calculator plugin for Wordpress. A licensed copy of Cab Grid Pro must have been purchased and installed for this add-on plugin to work.

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Bookings Add-on License info

* One-time only license fee for each website or domain.
No renewal fee. No annual fee. Optional fee for major updates.Check Price »


  1. In the form on the left, enter your name and domain name to match your Cab Grid Pro license.
  2. Click the either ‘CARD PAYMENT’ or 'PAYPAL' button and enter your email address and card details. The Add-On will download as a ZIP file.
  3. Log in to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New
  4. Click ‘Upload Plugin‘ at top
  5. Use the file browser (button labelled ‘Choose file‘ or similar) to locate the ZIP file you downloaded on your computer.
  6. Click ‘Install Now
  7. Go to the Plugins page (from the left-side menu).
  8. Look for ‘Cab Grid Bookings‘ in the list of available plugins. Click ‘Activate
  9. Configure (see info in readme or Cab Grid Bookings Add-on configuration instructions here)